Jodo Shinshu Buddhism

Organization Name:  Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha (Nishi Hongwanji), the Hongwanji – branch of the True Essence of the Pure Land Way

Founder: Kenshin Daishi Shinran Shonin (1173 – 1262 A.D.)

Central Objective of Worship: Amida Tathagata (Namu Amida Butsu),  Amida Buddha  Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life.  The central image of reverence. Shakyamuni Buddha – Shakyamuni Buddha lived in the sixth century B.C. and attained enlightenment.  He taught Buddhism as the way to become enlightened.  Shinran Shonin – founder of Jodo Shinshu.

Sutra: Triple Pure Land Sutras

  • Bussetsu Daimuryojukyo (Larger Sutra of Immeasurable Life)
  • Bussetsu Kammuryojukyo (Sutra of Contemplation on the Buddha of Immeasurable Life)
  • Bussetsu Amidakyo (Smaller Sutra of Immeasurable Life)

Teaching: Faith is the teaching of Namu Amida Butsu. Happiness in the faith that surely shall lead to attainment of Buddhahood. Service to the world and man with thanksgiving and gratitude in our hearts.

Tradition: A community of friends bound together in the joy of the same realization. Mindful of our speech and behavior. Work responsibly for the good of society. Disseminating the true meaning of the Dharma.  Mindful of the principle of causation and not engaging in superstitious practices.