May 2018

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Future Events

Kahului Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

2019 Calendar of Events

January 1 Tuesday New Year’s Day Service (9:00 a.m.)
  19 Saturday Hojukai
  20 Sunday Ho’onko – Shinran Shonin Memorial (Major Service) & Family Gratitude Serv.
  21 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Holiday) / Martin Luther King Jr. Day Walk (BWA)
  26 Saturday Preschool Open House (8:30-10:30a.m.)
  27 Sunday Service/General Meeting/New Year’s Party
February 2 Saturday KHBWA Meeting
  7 Thursday HHMH State Board Meeting & State Ministers Association Meeting
  8-9 Friday-Saturday HHMH 107th Legislative Assembly (Giseikai)
  9 Saturday Living Treasures Luncheon
  10 Sunday Nirvana Day (Passing of Shakyamuni Buddha) / BWA Dana Day
  15 Friday Preschool Teachers Work Day
  16-18 Saturday-Monday YESS Camp 36 (Kokokahi, Oahu)
  18 Monday Presidents’ Day (Holiday)
  23 Saturday Hojukai
  24 Sunday Family Gratitude Service
March 2 Saturday KHBWA Annual Luncheon Meeting
  3 Sunday Hongwanji Day
  7-8 Tuesday-Wednesday Ryukoku University-BSC Spring Seminar (Honolulu)
  16 Saturday Hojukai
  18-22 Monday-Friday Preschool Spring Break
  23 Saturday KHM Bazaar/Yard Sale
  24 Sunday Temple Clean-up (No Sunday Service)
  26 Tuesday Kuhio Day (Holiday Observed)
??     Hanamatsuri Proclamation at Mayor’s Office (2019)
  30 Saturday Maui United Buddhist Womens Association Spring Assembly
  31 Sunday Spring O-Higan (Major Service) & Family Gratitude Service.
April 7 Sunday Central Maui Hanamatsuri Service, Wailuku Community Center
  12 Friday Preschool Teacher Work Day
  14 Sunday KHM Hanamatsuri (Birth of Shakyamuni Buddha Day)

& Infant Initiatory Rites Service

  17 Wednesday Preschool Spring Party (Egg Hunt)
  18 Thursday Preschool Parent/Teacher Conference
  19 Friday Good Friday (Holiday)
  21 Sunday Easter/Dharma School Egg Hunt
  27 Saturday Hojukai
  28 Sunday BWA Eshinni/Kakushini Day & Family Gratitude Service
May 4 Saturday Maui Matsuri (date not confirmed)
  9 Thursday PBA Baccalaureate Ceremony
  10 Friday Sanmu & Sanmu-Kanji Meeting/PBA Commencement Exercise
  11 Saturday HHMH State Board Meeting
  12 Sunday Mother’s Day
  19 Sunday Fujimatsuri (KHM)
  25 Saturday Hojukai
  26 Sunday Gotan-e – Shinran Shonin Birthday (Major Service) & Family Gratitude Service
  27 Monday Memorial Day (Holiday)
  28 Tuesday Preschool Teachers Work Day
June 1 Saturday KHBWA Meeting
  2 Sunday Youth Recognition/Awards Day/Parent’s Day
  4-6 Tuesday-Thursday 61th State Ministers Seminar (Maui)
  9 Sunday Graduates Lunch
  11 Tuesday Kamehameha Day (Holiday)
  16 Sunday Father’s Day
  22 Saturday Hojukai (off-site picnic)
  23 Sunday Family Gratitude Service
  26-27 Wednesday-Thursday World Jodo Shinshu Coordination Council Meeting (BCA)
  28 Friday Last Day Preschool
  29 Saturday Preschool Graduation, 9a.m.
  28-30 Friday-Sunday 62st State Jr. YBA Convention (Hawaii)
July 1-12 Monday-Friday Preschool Summer Break
  3 Thursday Maui Buddhist Council Obon Cemetery Service (MMP) 5:00p.m.
  4 Thursday Independence Day (Holiday)
  14 Sunday General Clean-Up before Obon (no Sunday Service)
  19-20 Friday-Saturday Hatsubon Services and Bon Dances
  21 Sunday Clean-Up after Bon Dance (no Sunday Service)
  28 Sunday Obon/Bon Mairi/Family Gratitude Service
August 1 Thursday Preschool Session Begins
  3 Saturday KHBWA Meeting
  4 Sunday Dharma School Registration
    Sunday VIDSTA Activity
  12-16 Monday-Friday 2019 BSC Summer Session (Oahu)
  16 Friday Statehood (Admissions) Day (Holiday)
  17 Saturday 2019 BSC Summer Session  (Maui Session)
    Saturday Summer Fundraiser
  25 Sunday Family Gratitude Service
  30-1 Friday-Sunday 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention (San Francisco)
September 2 Monday Labor Day (Holiday)
  6 Friday Sanmu & Sanmu Kanji Meetings
  7 Saturday HHMH Board of Directors Meeting
  8 Sunday Dharma School Grandparents’ Day
  13-15 Friday – Sunday 56th Honpa Hongwanji Lay Convention (Hawaii)
  21 Saturday Peace Day Hawaii / UN International Peace Day
  22 Sunday Autumn O-Higan & Family Gratitude Service
  28 Saturday Hojukai
  29 Sunday KHM Board to Share (No Dharma Message from Rev. Tennes)/Family Day
October 5 Saturday KHBWA Meeting
  7 Monday Discoverers’ Day (Holiday)
  11-13 Friday-Sunday Ministers Lay Assistant Retreat (BSC)
  12 Saturday Buddha Fest 2019
  18-19 Friday-Saturday Honpa Hongwanji Presentation – Suicide Prevention Workshop
  26 Saturday Hojukai
  27 Sunday Family Gratitude Service/Dharma School Halloween Party
November 2 Saturday Maui United Buddhist Women’s Association Fall Assembly
  11 Monday Veterans Day (Holiday)
  13-14 Thursday-Friday State Ministers Continuing Education Seminar
  23 Saturday Hojukai
  24 Sunday Eitaikyo & Family Gratitude Service
  28 Thursday Thanksgiving Day (Holiday)
December 1 Sunday Bodhi Day Service (Buddha’s Enlightenment)
  6 Friday Sanmu & Sanmu Kanji Meetings
  7 Saturday HHMH Board of Directors Meeting
    Saturday Winter Fundraiser
  15 Sunday Year-End General Clean-Up
  19 Thursday Preschool Christmas Program
  20 Friday Preschool Teacher Work Day
  22 Sunday Family Gratitude Service
  25 Wednesday Christmas
  27 Friday Mochi Tsuki
  29 Sunday KHM Board to Share
  31 Tuesday New Year’s Eve Service (7:00p.m.)