May 2018

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Future Events



3 Sunday Youth Recognition/Awards Day
11 Monday Kamehameha Day (Holiday)
10 Sunday Graduates Lunch
12-14 Tuesday-Thursday 60 th State Ministers Seminar (Honolulu)
17 Sunday Father’s Day
23 Saturday Hojukai (off-site picnic)
24 Sunday Family Gratitude Service
29 Friday Last Day Preschool
30 Saturday Preschool Graduation
29-July 1 Friday-Sunday 61 st State Jr. YBA Convention (Hawaii)
29-July 31 Preschool Summer Break

4 Wednesday Independence Day (Holiday)
5 Thursday Maui Buddhist Council Obon Cemetery Service (MMP) 5:00pm
15 Sunday General Clean-Up before Obon (no Sunday Service)
20-21 Friday-Saturday Hatsubon Services and Bon Dances
22 Sunday Clean-Up after Bon Dance (no Sunday Service)
23-27 Monday-Saturday 2018 BSC Summer Session (Dr. Kenneth Tanaka)
TBD TBD 2017 BSC Summer Session (Maui Session)
29 Sunday Obon/Bon Mairi/Family Gratitude Service

5 Sunday VIDSTA Activity
1 Wednesday Preschool Session Begins
17 Friday Statehood (Admissions) Day (Holiday)
18 Saturday Summer Yard Sale
26 Sunday Family Gratitude Service

1-3 Saturday-Monday HHMH Joint Conference (Ala Moana Hotel)
3 Monday Labor Day (Holiday)
7 Friday Sanmu & Sanmu Kanji Meetings
8 Saturday HHMH Board of Directors Meeting
21 Friday Peace Day Hawaii / UN International Peace Day
23 Sunday Autumn O-Higan & Family Gratitude Service
29 Saturday Hojukai
29-30 Saturday-Sunday Choralfest 2018 (Hawaii Betsuin)
30 Sunday 5 th Sunday – KHM Board Officers / Board Sunday/Family Day

4-7 Thursday-Sunday Maui County Fair Weekend ??
8 Monday Discoverers’ Day (Holiday)
12-14 Friday-Sunday Ministers Lay Assistant Retreat (BSC)
13 Saturday Hojukai
20 Saturday Buddha Fest 2018
27 Saturday Senior Fair
28 Sunday Family Gratitude Service
31 Wednesday Halloween

3 Saturday Maui United Buddhist Womens Association Fall Assembly
11 Sunday Veterans Day (Holiday)
10-11 Saturday-Sunday Maui District Nembutsu Seminar at KHM
12 Monday Veterans Day (Holiday) Observed
15-16 Thursday-Friday State Ministers Continuing Education Seminar
17 Saturday Hojukai
22 Thursday Thanksgiving Day (Holiday)
25 Sunday Eitaikyo (Major Service) & Family Gratitude Service

2 Sunday Bodhi Day Service (Buddha’s Enlightenment)
7 Friday Sanmu & Sanmu Kanji Meetings
8 Saturday HHMH Board of Directors Meeting
8 Saturday KHM Winter Yard Sale
16 Sunday Year-End General Clean-Up
23 Sunday Family Gratitude Service
27 Thursday Mochi Tsuki
30 Sunday 5 th Sunday – KHM Board Officers / Board Sunday
31 Monday New Year’s Eve Service (7:00pm)